Santiago Perez

in the hall of the mountain kings

[ december 23rd, 2011 - january 7th, 2012 ]

Santiago Perez one of todays most distinguished artist in New Mexico, has created a panoply of characters and scenes that have slowly accumulated into a distinct world of its own in which the inhabitants go through many of the same things we normally do, but they do so in an unusual way. Many of his paintings have literary and musical references you may recognize.

Santiago Perez was born in Texas. As a child he drew inspiration from cartoons and observations of the animals on the farms and ranches where he lived. His work has been included in numerous exhibitions throughout his career and referenced in renowned publications such as Chicano Art for our Millennium
and Triumph of our Communities
, Four Decades of Mexican-American Art. Selected public collections include The Albuquerque Museum, National Hispanic Cultural Center, Hyatt, Microsoft and Georgia Pacific.

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