Cecil Touchon

t h e  a r t  o f  c o l l a g e

[ june 18 - july 4, 2010 ]

The paintings of Cecil Touchon have their genesis in the practice of collage art and visual poetry. Using collage techniques involving chance and serendipity, Touchon rearranges bits of text on paper to create an almost musical flow in his collage compositions which are harmonious and rigorously ordered rather than haphazard. Touchon’s collages then serve as studies for his acrylic paintings where he creates an illusionistic image of his collages enhancing the visual back and forth play between figure and ground through subtle shading and surface treatments.

Cecil Touchon has played a major roll in the fine arts arena for over two decades and has participated in the Venice Biennial both in 2001 and 2009. His work is associated with Mail Art and the Fluxus communities in the art world and as such can be found in the collections of major museums, including the Museum of Modern Art, the Chicago Art Institute and the Tate Modern in London.

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