Diana Moore: Textures

29 April - 15 May 2022

Moore’s newest series, Textures, is a continued exploration of the manner in which the female is seen through her sculptures, vessels, and her purse series. “As an artist, I wanted to project a stronger, more self-possessed image of women, given that for centuries, male artists have dominated the manner in which the female is seen.” Moore writes. “The monumental public images that I made were in part about seeking within myself these qualities. But I was projecting into these images as well a kind of timelessness and stasis. I wanted them to feel impervious to change.”

As Moore explored the separate nature of physical and inner strength, she began to address the duality through her artworks, namely her steel purses and vessels as well. The purse series—a move away from the figure, and inspired by historical influences and cultural perspectives—explores the contrast between the decorative presentation of self, and the inner reality which is separate from the public self. Over time, Moore, who is deeply fascinated by natural landscapes, became consumed by earth itself, the impermanence of geological time, and the expression of fluidity. The artist began creating vessels, symbolic of earth, and reliefs, which were the result and represented a parcel of the earth in abstracted form. In Textures, the viewer can bear witness to the expansiveness of Moore’s artistic range and her multifaceted nature.