Hyunmee Lee: Intonation of Oneness

11 - 27 August 2017

Hyunmee Lee’s transcendent paintings capture a unique cultural duality, uniting Western twentieth century abstraction with form and gesture rooted the Eastern calligraphic tradition. Drawing on the spiritual and contemplative qualities of painting, Lee addresses the central questions of abstraction itself.


In this exhibition, Intonation of Oneness, her work materializes into a new series of organic, uninhibited and gestural paintings. Lee channels the quiet power of meditative ritual. The juxtaposition of bold, dynamic shapes and delicate nuances of color describe the opposing forces in Lee’s work. “Emptiness and fullness”, “boldness and shyness”. For the artist, the harmony of opposition is way of understanding life itself.


Hyunmee Lee was born in Seoul Korea. Her art practice crosses three continents over two decades. Lee graduated Hong-Ik University majoring in painting, later moving to Australia and earning a Master of Arts in Visual Arts (MFA) at the Sydney College of Arts, University of Sydney. Moving to the United States in 1997, Lee became a faculty member of Utah Valley University, retiring shortly after achieving tenure, to travel and concentrate more fully on her artwork. In 2015, Lee received the Fellowship for Visual Arts Excellence from the Utah Division of Arts and Museums. She has shown her work nationally and internationally for over thirty years. Hyunmee Lee currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


opening reception > friday | august 11th | 5-7 pm