Diana Moore's 'Waterworks' featured in American Art Collector

Issue 155

" Diana Moore is know for her figurative sculpture inspired by the sculpture of ancient worlds-monumental concrete heads of Justice and literally statuesque female figures in carbon steel.  Flying in and out of Lafayette, Louisiana, for a commission, she became fascinated by the patterns of the landscape.  Later she loooked at Google Earth images of the area. 'I discovered stunning little compositions of wonderful color, form and texture,' she says. 'These sections, when framed out from the surrounding areas, were very abstract, often suggesting an entirely different reading of what they represent. That was part of their appeal fro me. Although each is a fairly accurate portrait of a real piece of the earth, they offer alternative ways of seeing. . .' - Collector's Focus | Landscapes | Atmospheric Lands by John O'Hern

September 27, 2018