Art Professor, Joseph Ostraff, Recognized as one of 'Utah's 15’

By Utah Art Magazine, 15 BYTES

Five years ago, the Artists of Utah published the first list of “Utah’s 15” in 15 Bytes, “Utah’s Art Magazine.” Now, five years later, they’ve published their second list, and Brigham Young University art professor Joe Ostraff is on it. 


The candidates were nominated by 15 Bytes’ readers, then narrowed down by the magazine’s staff and professionals in the arts. According to 15 Bytes, the list answers the question, “Who are the state’s most influential artists?” 


Ostraff, while appreciative of the recognition, pointed out that he can only take so much credit for his work. “I’m not working in a bubble or a vacuum,” he said. “If this is a recognition of my work, on the whole, that work wasn’t done alone. I’ve had help from a lot of people.”


While it’s true that most artists collaborate with and receive help from the people around them, interpersonal interaction and contribution has been an especially important aspect of Ostraff’s career. During the course of his career, Ostraff has collaborated on over 30 projects, working with students, his wife and others.


Work from the 15 artists will be on display on Feb. 8 and Feb. 15 in the Rio Gallery, located at 300 S. Rio Grande Street, Salt Lake City. 15 Bytes is also compiling a book to showcase the 15 artists, with an essay written on each. According to their website, this book will “examine the influence of these 15 artists.”


Learn more about Ostraff and read about his recent Faith + Works lecture here.



Article by Mason Graham can be found here.



March 22, 2019