Antonio Puri Solo Exhibition, "Monumental" at the Museo de Arte del Tolima

Ibague, Colombia | 2019

The Tolima Museum of Art, the Governorate of Tolima, the Directorate of Departmental Culture and the Elvira Moreno Gallery, invite you to visit the Monumental exhibition of the artist Antonio Puri.


Antonio Puri was born in Chandigarh (India) and grew up in the Himalayas. He has a degree in Art and is called J.D. from the University of Lowa. He has made solo exhibitions in places such as: Sundaram Tagore Gallery Singapore, Government Museum and Art Gallery Chandigarh, India, Art Depot, Austria, The Guild, NY, Nu Art Gallery in Santa Fe, Twelve Gates, Philadelphia, among others. He has also participated in group exhibitions at Essl Museum, Austria, Hammond Museum, NY, Queens Museum, New York, Gallery Espace, New Delhi, among others.


The artist affirms that his art comes from personal expression. It is multilayered and complex with veneers, enamels, varnishes of emotions, transgressions, singularity, obsession and enigma. "I am interested in comparing the connections between my Eastern roots and my Western experiences. I take advantage of the possibility that we can exist in a tag-free world. "


The Monumental exhibition brings together 9 large-scale works produced between 2003 and 2007, in a non-orthodox technique of art such as the Batik (traditional in some regions of the African continent or in countries such as India, Malaysia Indonesia and others).

The Batik technique is used to color fabrics and consists of applying layers of wax or hot paraffin on the regions that do not want to be dyed. Oil / canvas, acrylic, drawing and mixed are other techniques used in the work of Puri.

May 16, 2019