Santa Fe is a cultural and historical mecca, “a city different” where pieces of the city’s multifaceted history merge seamlessly with its modern cultural interests through stories, ideas, and art.  With more than 100 galleries and artist studios within one short, side-walk-less mile, Canyon Road offers a crossroads of contemporary art by established and emerging artists. Nüart Gallery is located in the heart of the art district at the midway point on Canyon Road.


Santa Fe is the largest art market in the United States after New York, and per-capita, the largest art market in the world.  Collectors come from around the world to experience the deep concentration of galleries on Canyon Road and the unique cultural atmosphere in Santa Fe.  However, just beyond the stretch of galleries as well as within our own gallery space, which housed Gormley’s Market until the late 1970s, the evidence of Santa Fe’s living history remains; History coexists with the contemporary. 


Established at the beginning of the 21st Century, Nüart Gallery’s mission has always been to show the work of the very best artists we know.  Over the past twenty-one years, we have mounted over 250 solo and group exhibitions by established and internationally known artists in our ten exhibition rooms.  We have introduced many of our artists to the U.S. market and ship worldwide to collectors on every continent.


The scale of our gallery and the quality of the work from our 33 artists who originate and work both locally and internationally are testaments to the passion and integrity with which we operate our gallery.  Our curatorial standards are high, our criteria revolving around a genuine interest in and attention to talent of expression and artistic excellence.  Our collectors value our discernment and know that we travel the world to bring them the very best in contemporary art. 


Great art often exists outside of constrained historical contexts, possessing lasting and impressionable depth and value.  Our collectors trust us to help them find works with depth and meaning to enrich their lives, and we take our commitment to this role very seriously.  It is humbling and rewarding to be involved in these artistic processes, working amongst talented artists, and to be able to share the art.