"In my work, I am re-engaging painting’s geometric tradition, positioning myself within a network of influences who explored the “objecthood” of painting.  My compositions are self-aware of the boundaries that interrupt, bend and shape their patterns and forms.


My works embody a built, almost sculptural aesthetic, where images develop through calculated maneuvers that often resemble those of a draftsman, or builder.  I sculpt surfaces with meticulous, labor-intensive processes and many layers of textured paint, and puzzle visual information into the limitations set by the surface dimensions.


I am visually informed by manmade material found on street corners and in rundown neighborhoods and alleyways.  I am particularly interested in the peripheral markings and visual residue left by repairmen, city workers, and individuals attempting to patch and repair surfaces and structures affected by time and the elements.  I’m also interested in the intersections between buildings and structures where contrasting materials and aesthetics are forced to coexist.


I strive to make paintings that resemble these various visual instances I find in my surroundings.  In my process, I create scenarios on the painting surface where I purposely disrupt order and beauty, and give myself visual dilemmas to resolve, where harmony and discord, construction and deconstruction, questioning and answering are all vital in discovering the image's full resolution."  — Sunny Taylor



Sunny Taylor has exhibited her work extensively in art fairs, solo exhibitions, and group shows in cities including: New York, NY; San Francisco, CA; Park City, UT; Santa Fe, NM; and Boulder, CO in the US; and Liverpool, England; Byron Bay, New South Wales, and Perth, Australia; Karachi, Pakistan; and Edinburgh, Scotland internationally. She has received multiple awards and recognitions for both her paintings and fine art printmaking, and her work is held in the corporate collections of the Four Seasons, Washington, DC; Marriott Hotel, Salt Lake City, UT; and Nordstrom’s, Denver, CO. She received a BFA from Brigham Young University in 2005 and an MFA from Ohio State University, in Columbus, OH in 2007.