"I'm interested in the contradictions: my houses seem to be made of a hard material, stony, heavy. Instead they can also levitate, fly or go like birds in the nest. The painting is a parallel world that leaves freedom to thoughts and imagination. What today is stopped, yesterday perhaps was moving or flying, or will do so tomorrow. Every state of affairs is temporary and precarious."  

—  Matthias Brandes




Using rich egg tempera mixed with oil paint, Matthias Brandes creates dense, surreal worlds with architecture jumbled and askew, Italian cypresses like obelisks and ocean liners that seem at the same time massive and miniature. The subjects are full of dichotomies, with the paintings seeming to toe the line between portraiture, landscape, and still life.


Brandes was born in Bochum, Germany. He studied at the Academy and The University of Hamburg, specializing in art history and art-pedagogy. Since the late '60s he has devoted himself entirely to painting, living and working in Meolo near Venice/Italy. His work has been exhibited in Brussels, London, New York, Singapore, Hongkong, Busan, Seoul and throughout Europe, at Museo MAGI'900 Pieve di Cento/Bologna, Bell Art Center Bejing and Kunstforum Wien.