"Within my work, an emphasis is placed on the natural inherent qualities of material interacting formally to access human emotion and spirituality. Paramount is the transcendence of the “physical” nature of the world by attempting to imbue material with a greater overall presence or energy.  To me, this alchemic transfer of energy is perhaps the most interesting aspect of my artistic endeavor. When present, this energy can be felt yet always remains intangible and mysterious. The viewer is invited to discover this dichotomy within the sculptures’ formal unity and come to realize a deeper resonance." - Emmett Culligan



Emmett Culligan discovered his creativity early in life before studying painting in NYC at the Art Students League and later received his BFA in sculpture from the University of Colorado at Denver. His art ranges in scale from large monumental public art to small wall hung works and can be found in collections and municipalities both nationally and internationally.

His artistic concerns lie foremost within the manipulation of material and often reference common forms found in everyday life. He considers the act of “making” as primary to the universal human endeavor; finding comfort and purpose in this simple act. Beyond this intent and purpose, content is revealed through a process  of “intentional transference” as described by the artist.