"I thought flowers would be a nice foil for the machos, so I did delicate little flowers and hung them with the abstract expressionists." —Alex Katz


Alex Katz (b. 1927) is known for distinctive bold lines and flat fields of color, a style that he has refined over the past seven decades. He studied with Abstract Expressionists in the 1940s at Cooper Union in New York and the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine. He is known as a precursor of the Pop Art movement. His work is informed by plein-air painting which he was introduced to at Skowhegan and Japanese woodblock prints.


Katz strips away the details of each subject to leave the essential formal qualities of line, color, and space. This reduction presents the artist’s perception of reality but is not realistic. Interested in the concept of “seeing culturally,” Katz acknowledges that his paintings represent the way he perceives the world at a specific moment in time.