Alexandra Eldridge: to open the eternal worlds

17 July - 2 August 2015

Alexandra Eldridge’s paintings, “To Open the Eternal Worlds,” explores the interconnectedness of art, life, and the eternal questions. In her ongoing process of becoming purposefully engaged in the world to answer her own queries, she journeys through many sacred practices and creative paths. Maintaining clarity and a bold vision, she embraces imagination as reality and affords her- self a more conscious creativity to understanding the multiplicities the meaning that life may offer.


Alexandra Eldridge exhibits her work nationally and internationally in Paris, London, Belgrade, Ljubljana, New York, California, and Santa Fe, with over forty solo and group exhibitions. Alexandra has been commissioned to paint murals in the Place de Vosges, Paris and her work has been used for the cover of numerous books of poetry among others. She currently resides in Santa Fe, NM.