"Through my pictorial writing I weave the thread of my thoughts, like a conducting wire of my currents, my emotions, my feelings.  This thread is formed and distorted along with the impulses and shocks of my nerve endings, my sensory endings.  It is an indicator, a cerebral barometer of the heart."


Oscillating, it tells on the screen (the canvas) what is really happening.  From there the thread becomes a junction (like a staple) between my relationship to mankind, my relationship to life AND everything that surrounds me, that external reality, which I am a part of.  It is precisely what I paint.  It is scripture, color, shape, matter, stitching thread, connections and meddled liaisons between my inner and our outer world. Mended and patched up world, where we are stuck and grafted some lukewarm happiness so as to conceal, and make us forget what it has that is (too) bleak and grey, (too) dark and black, (too) white.

Hence the theme which is at the core of my work: The Stitch of the World.  The thread acts as a representation of the badly healed wounds of a world which once was "ours" before it became "someone else’s" and then "mine".  These wounds are helped and supported by their seam, their gap, closure.  In this stitched-up world, I sew back my interwoven reflections (on the human condition, life, the love equation, the dog man, the falling man) and pictorial elements (a cross, dotted lines for example) originating from and symbolizing "The stitched of the world".


Each painting is a mark, that of a passage, where life decided to drop a bit of itself.  This temporal mark holds in its core the feeling, the emotional and/or cerebral charge left behind."  — Guillaume Seff



Guillaume Seff is a French artist whose abstract paintings explore the balance between surface tension and symbolic language. His work is a form of pictoral writing, whereby words, ideas, gestures and emotions become fragments of the threads that are represented in his paintings. 

Working with heavy impasto, creating blocks of contrasting colors and often writing on his canvas, Seff creates paintings that are visually powerful, but that draw the viewer into his detailed markings. He show us that life is filled with a complex overlapping series of contradictory perceptions and patched together experiences that taken as a whole represent our unique story. 

Guillaume Seff was born in France and currently spends his time between Montreal, Canada and Toulouse, France. His work has been exhibited throughout Europe including in Paris, Brussels and London, as well as in Montreal.