Sunny Taylor: Ebb & Flow

26 June - 12 July 2020

Nüart Gallery presents, Ebb + Flow, a solo exhibition of new paintings by Sunny Taylor. The exhibition will run June 26th through July 12th, 2020. Thank you to everyone who attended our live stream artist talk Friday, June 26th at 4pm MDT. 


This series features Sunny Taylor’s signature sculptural paintings in which she meticulously works the surface through layering, scraping, sanding, and stenciling. Taylor rarely touches a paint brush, but instead prefers palette knives, squeegees and tape as her tools of choice. Her resulting compositions bear both a built as well as a painterly aesthetic, with gorgeous textures and surface detail. Conceptually, “this exhibition became much more ‘human' than I had expected,” Sunny Taylor writes. “These paintings explore ideas about unity and harmony within relationships, physical and spiritual oneness, our need for one another, and mending our divides."


"The exhibition title 'Ebb and Flow' alludes to both the patterns and forms in the work, but also the concept of continual growth and decline. Visual instances of this concept have always fascinated me and fueled my work. The ebb and flow we witness within our own selves, our relationships, and our communities can be something marvelous, perplexing, challenging, and beautiful to behold as well.” —Sunny Taylor