Guillaume Seff: Les Ouvrages du Ressentir: Volume 2

1 - 17 October 2021

Nüart Gallery presents “Les Ouvrages du Ressentir Volume II,” a solo exhibition of new mixed-media paintings by Guillaume Seff. The exhibition will run October 1st through October 17th.


"Les Ouvrages du Ressentir II," is a collection of abstract paintings that gather fragments of our emotional fabric and our feelings. With his deep understanding of human emotion and psychology, Seff observes and extracts from humanity’s DNA, while simultaneously studying our writing -- or rewriting -- process. Seff explores what is being hatched, woven, and intertwined between us with an organic thread of emotions and sentiments. “The paintings,” he writes, “show and convey the determined, as well as the undetermined part of what we represent for each other in our collective human story.” The compositions in this body of work vary in density and tempo from distinct, organized segments to fleeting smatterings of mark making to foggy drifts of shape and texture. The paintings evoke transient emotion and the more settled feeling which moves along in temporality. These works are a testament to the history of the elements, and the core essence of our human feeling and emotion. ------


Guillaume Seff is a French artist known for expressive abstract paintings with lush surfaces and passages of detailed markings that create the feeling of words or thoughts. Nearly a form of visual poetry, Seff’s practice is rhythmic with a visceral lyricism.  In their nuanced exploration of our human emotional fabric, the paintings communicate what language cannot. He currently spends his time between Montreal, Canada and Toulouse, France. His work hangs in public collections in both France and Canada, and has been exhibited throughout Europe in Paris, Brussels, and London, as well as in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Montreal, Canada.