Sunny Taylor + Beverly Kedzior: INTERCONNECTIONS

17 March - 2 April 2023

Nüart Gallery presents “Interconnections," an exhibition featuring new work by Sunny Taylor and Beverly Kedzior. 

Interconnections brings together two artists’ unique perspectives and intersects a shared interest in the approach to their respective medium. Both Sunny Taylor and Beverly Kedzior explore the interplay between organic and geometric forms in their respective bodies of work, where contrasting materials and aesthetics are forced to coexist. Through bold color palettes, intricate patterns, and varying textures, the artists create abstract compositions that evoke a sense of dynamic movement and energy. Taylor and Kedzior aim to find harmony in discord, creating abstract works that resonate with the viewer on an intuitive level, highlighting their complimentary enthusiasm for process, materiality, and form. 

Sunny Taylor's work explores painting's geometric tradition and its "objecthood." Her compositions are self-aware of the boundaries that interrupt, bend, and shape their patterns and forms. Taylor's works embody a built, almost sculptural aesthetic, where images develop through calculated maneuvers that often resemble those of a draftsman or builder. Her works are visually informed by human-made materials found in urban spaces, such as street corners and alleyways, where peripheral markings and visual residue are left across surfaces and structures affected by time and the elements. Ultimately, the paintings are about finding unexpected sparks of joy and curiosity when elements come together and flow without interruption.

Beverly Kedzior's work is known for its organic shapes and richly layered abstractions. There is an absolute clarity in the world it depicts, where a confluence of shape, pattern, and textured background all suggest a deeply shared DNA. Kedzior's mixed media pieces utilize a range of materials including acrylic, oil, and collage elements, and gather inspiration from unconventional sources such as animated films, cartoons, and medical textbooks. Incorporating fluid lines and natural shapes, this versatile graphical language circumvents traditional compositional solutions, maintaining a calm feeling in a very busy world.