Kevin Tolman: Here + Now

9 - 25 June 2023

Nüart Gallery presents Here & Now, an exhibition featuring new work by Kevin Tolman.


In “Here & Now” Kevin Tolman presents his newest mixed media paintings, a collection of bold, energetic abstractions where immersed precision meets a governing improvisation in explorative, nature versed compositions. Bounded between refreshing, serene palettes and more striking figuration and robust hues, an expanse of color and approach solidifies into a visual environment unmistakably his own. Through an intentionally welcoming mindfulness of the present moment, these resonant color fields give way to studied organic forms curiously familiar, where time is unhurried and instead patiently deliberate. By way of thorough observation and intuition while painting, Tolman refines his compositional focus by relinquishing control and letting each element cohesively settle in and transform into an ever unfolding vision.


Kevin Tolman's mixed media paintings are full of lively, earth-tone mark making and layers of rich texture. While purely abstract, they are deeply evocative of the natural world, from the varied tones of the New Mexican mesas and mountains, to the ancient standing stone monuments across Europe, to the lunar and sunlit sky. His paintings are both maps and vestiges of his observations and creative experimentation from his home along the Rio Grande in New Mexico to his excursions further afield and travels around the world.