Daniel Phill + John Tarahteeff: Nascent

21 July - 6 August 2023

Nüart Gallery presents Nascent, an exhibition featuring new work by Daniel Phill and John Tarahteeff. 


In Nascent, Daniel Phill & John Tarahteeff exhibit their continuous evolution in exploring the affecting essence of nature, the suspended theater of human emotions, and the boundless realms of imaginative representation. These deftly shaped compositions enunciate both artist’s inventive approach to distinct landscape and narrative intention. Through matured, palpable mark-making and enchantingly profound storytelling, each artist enlivens perceptual objectivity and displays an expanding vision of the world. 

The passionate abstractions in Daniel Phill's vibrant and graceful botanical paintings offer celebrations of joy, serving as both a sanctuary for the artist and an invitation for viewers to discover their own sources of enjoyment and tranquility. Highlighting a magnetism towards relaxed, organic forms, radiant, dynamic color, and the connective interplay of varied focal points, these new paintings offer a comprehensive overview 0f Phill’s creative vision of the lush backdrops in northern California and the Pacific Northwest. 

In relation,  John Tarahteeff's arresting acrylic paintings assemble an uncanny assortment of nascent memory and the profound influence it wields on our perception of existence. Tarahteeff's alluringly toned landscapes and delicately placed subjects become portals to a realm where playful recollections and nostalgic ephemera merge with the formal aspects of classical picturemaking. Circling these figures masterfully rendered in both reverie and motion is an enigmatic dreamscape, dotted with illusory structures, beguiling hillsides, and ethereal horizons where narratives emerge towards lucid insights.