Abstractions 2023: A Group Exhibition

24 November - 10 December 2023

Nüart Gallery presents Abstractions 2023, an exhibition featuring new work by five contemporary artists working in abstraction, including Julian Brown, Susan Dory, Connie Goldman, Jinie Park and Cara Tomlinson. The exhibition will run from November 24th through December 10th, 2023 with an opening reception on Friday, November 24th,  from 5:00 - 7:00 PM.

Abstractions 2023 offers a diverse exploration into the varied approaches of abstract artistry. The featured artists converge from various points, each embodying a distinctive narrative of abstraction characterized by originality and a personal compositional language. Their collective work is a dialogue of tactile forms, visual daydreams suspended in paint, and an engaging spectrum of color. The works in the exhibition navigate the fine balance between adherence to tradition and the pulse of innovation, seeking harmony amidst constant change, and juxtaposing tangible shape with conceptual inquiry. 

Julian Brown, a British artist with Polish heritage, draws upon his maternal roots to craft vivid, intricate patterns reminiscent of folk art traditions. His artistic process is a celebration of unbridled creativity, marked by the spirited use of color, the boldness of layering, and the infinite possibilities that mirror the essence of play.

Susan Dory, a celebrated Northwest artist, layers acrylics to create an interplay of depth and transparency. Her methodical approach to underpainting and deliberate pouring technique brings to life a dynamic canvas where colors pulsate with energy, and linear forms invite the eye to traverse the landscape of her creations.

Connie Goldman's minimalist approach translates her profound engagements with rhythm and structure into visual form. Her art, residing in collections such as the Berkeley Art Museum, distills her experiences with the universal dualities of stasis and flux, unity and transition.

Jinie Park, a Korean-born artist, offers a whimsical arrangement that challenges the boundaries between the concrete and the conceptual, delving into the transient events that emerge from the interplay of awareness and the subconscious. With stretched fabric and vibrant acrylics, Park illustrates the fluid dynamics of space and form.

Cara Tomlinson, an artist and educator based in Oregon, probes the intricate relationship between ecological systems and sentient form. Her latest works navigate the dichotomy between simplicity and intricacy, organization and chaos, suggesting the body as a vibrant, ever-evolving entity.