Figurations: Michael Bergt | Vincenzo Calli | Charles Ladson | Doug Smith

14 - 30 July 2017

The human need to represent the world through images gave birth to figurative and landscape art. In this exhibition, we examine current trends in representative art through four artists. Santa Fe artist Michael Bergt is recognized for work that addresses the paradoxes in ancient myths and the sensual and spiritual possibilities in figurative work. Working from his studio in Anghiari, Italy, Vincenzo Calli paints detailed oil paintings that play with scale in the mannerist tradition and explore the complex relationships between his figures. Based in Macon, Georgia, Charles Ladson is known for paintings that evoke a strong sense of place and an unknowable past while altering our perceptions through subtle shifts of perspective and unusual juxtapositions of colors and textures. California artist Doug Smith explores the ties between the rural West and the American modernist tradition by showing that a complex mosaic of patterns, shapes and forms are rooted in the possibilities of empty fields and the agrarian life.