Claire B Cotts: Year of the eclipse

29 September - 15 October 2017

Claire B. Cotts is known for paintings that explore the elemental forces in nature through forms that emerge and then recede into the background, balancing weightlessness with gravity. Her work is a way of processing feeling and sensation through the contradictions that exist in the natural world. Working with acrylic, she manipulates her surface using a process of accretion to create layers interacting patterns. In this solo exhibition, Year of the Eclipse, Cotts is looking to visually capture a fleeting instant or moment in time.


Originally from Atlanta, she lives and works in Berkeley, California. Cotts studied art at Oberlin College.  She received a Fulbright in 1994 and lived in Turkey for a year.  Cotts' paintings have been exhibited nationally and internationally and she is represented in numerous private collections.


opening reception > friday | september 29th | 5-7 pm