Hyunmee Lee: beautiful disaster

2 - 18 August 2013

Hyunmee Lee is known for creating abstract paintings in the gestural tradition that pulse with energy
and movement, but also have a contemplative quality. Her work bridges the elements of both the East
and West, where powerful expressions are tempered by quiet restraint.

In this solo exhibition, ”Beautiful Disaster”, Lee is celebrating her personal journey of rediscovery
after many years away from her native Korean culture. The energy and spontaneous quality of this work
comes from her newfound sense of her self as an artist, and as a person. Deep memories of her culture
and childhood home inform the shapes and markings of this work. Individually, each of these pieces
records her process of reconciliation, joy and artistic possibilities.

A native of South Korea, Hyunmee Lee earned a BFA degree from Hongik University in Seoul. She
then lived in Australia for 6 years, earning an MA and MFA at the University of Sydney. After returning
to Seoul and teaching for several years at Hongik University, she moved to the United States where she
continued teaching in Utah. She retired as a tenured professor last year and now focuses exclusively on
her art. She has shown her work nationally and internationally for over thirty years.


opening reception > friday | aug 2nd | 5 - 7 pm