Santiago Perez: go back to earth...

23 May - 8 June 2014

In his paintings, Santiago Pérez creates the parallel world populated by a multitude of characters each with their own legends that mirror human actions here on earth. Under the cover of TV cartoon humor tinged with foreboding consequence lies a world of absurdity and surrealism with dark Spanish fairy-tales and illustrative painting, on metal, wood, and linen.


This exhibition is a continuation, or introduction, depending on the viewer, of the tales and short stories, from the planet Fantômas, featuring the Mergatroids, Pirx the Explorer, the Eggmen, Spanish Infantas, Riders of Lions, or Horses accompanied by a slew of other cross cultural characters. This is a planet, similar to Earth, where many ghosts of the imagination have gone to live.

Santiago Pérez was raised in Texas and now lives in New Mexico. His work has been widely exhibited and is included in the collections of the Albuquerque Museum, the National Hispanic Cultural Center, and various corporate collections.