John Tarahteeff: undertow

21 June - 7 July 2013

John Tarahteeff is known for figurative paintings that often contrast tranquil settings with underlying emotional turbulence, creating works of dynamic tension and contemplative beauty. His subjects inhabit a world of shifting perspectives, ethereal light and a suspended sense of time, reminding the viewer that there are always deeper forces at work.

In this solo exhibition, Tarahteeff explores the idea of the place where mysterious and potentially dangerous emotional undercurrents pull against the seemingly innocent imagery that his paintings portray. His paintings are structured to guide the viewer’s eye through a vortex of opposing forces and plays of scale. For him, the improbability of the scene heightens the dissonance of the subtext.

A mid-career artist with a significant following, John Tarahteeff continues to push the boundaries of his creative expression.