Randall Reid: full circle

3 - 19 May 2013

Randall Reid is celebrating both a new body of work as well as the publication of his new book, Randall Reid: Full Circle, a monograph about the artist and his artwork. Reid is known for his witty, steel-framed pieces that reconstruct objects of archaic Americana into uniquely contemporary pieces.   

In this exhibition, Randall Reid continues to explore the possibilities of salvaged materials by using old images, lettering, measuring implements, rust spots and burnished areas as his foundation.  Manipulating these like a collage, he elevates artifacts from the level of function to art.  In feeling, his work simultaneously evokes Rust Belt industrialism and post-painterly abstraction.   

Randall Reid was born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1956.  He has participated in over 300 exhibitions, including the Grace Museum and the McNay Museum, and is represented in the collections of the Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts, Austin Museum of Fine Arts, Masur Museum of Fine Arts, and the College of William and Mary.  He was recently awarded the Presidential Seminal Award from Texas State University.