Claire B. Cotts: everything that rises

12 - 28 April 2013

Claire B. Cotts is known for her richly layered abstractions that visually blend the forces of disorder and entropy with balance and structure to create pieces of arresting beauty.  Using a colorful, yet muted palette, her paintings inhabit a space between texture and rhythm, between form and motion.   

In this solo exhibition, Claire B. Cotts explores the inherent tension in her abstractions. She uses a process of accretion to slowly build up her surfaces so that the elements are integrated, almost imperceptibly, into complex compositions that resonate with organic shapes and fragmentary bits of memory. 

Originally from Atlanta, she lives and works in Berkeley, California. Cotts studied art at Oberlin College.  She received a Fulbright in 1994 and lived in Turkey for a year.  Cotts' paintings have been exhibited nationally and she is represented in numerous private collections.