Howard Hersh: pulse

20 July - 4 August 2013

Howard Hersh is known for his encaustic paintings that use deep translucent layers of beeswax on modular panels to create rich and vibrant abstract works of art that speak the essence of all things. 


In this solo exhibition, entitled “Pulse”, Hersh wants his work to express the idea that everything is connected in an interlocking web of energy.  By using the ancient technique of encaustic, he grounds the sine waves of a digital era in the biological medium of wax, cutting through the illusion of separation and showing that there is an energy transfer even in contemplation of art. 


Howard Hersh is a third generation artist and is highly regarded as a master in his field of encaustic art.  His work is represented extensively in 47 national and international corporate collections as well as in 20 museums and foundations.