Randall Reid: Unfolding Connections

6 - 22 April 2018

The latest body of work by Randall Reid continues to unfold connections between meaning and material – past and present – time and relativity. Transformative juxtapositions of steel and wood narrate a dialogue between the viewer and the artwork collectively disseminating meaning and unveiling his unique sense of connectivity that has pre-existed in our world.  Widely scattered among the urban landscape, Randall harvests materials filled with history and past associations, deconstructs them and reconstructs them in to timeless compositions of form and content.   


With over 300 exhibitions, Reid is also represented in the collections of Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts, Austin Museum of Fine Arts, Masur Museum of Fine Arts, and the College of William and Mary. He currently resides in San Marcos, Texas where he has been a Professor of Art and Design at Texas State University San Marcos since 1988.