Guillaume Seff: From the Remains of Time

8 - 24 June 2018

Guillaume Seff is a French artist whose abstract paintings explore the balance between surface tension and symbolic language. Working with heavy impasto, Seff creates richly textured paintings which draw the viewer in with their detailed markings. His work is a form of pictoral writing, whereby words, ideas, gestures, and emotions are represented in his art-expressing in paint what cannot be expressed in language.


The exhibition, "From the Remains of Time," consists of a new body of large-format mixed-media work. The artist's textural surfaces are composed with both vigorous and languid markmaking, expressive linework, and an amalgamation of encaustic and collage. Seff also uses shapes, numbers, and text in his paintings-- but like his dashes, lines, and halos, they become a part of the pictoral writing that connect directly to the emotions. The series function almost as intuitive vignettes Guillaume Seff uses to encapsulate moments. He shows us that life is filled with a series of fleeting experiences that sometimes cannot be understood verbally, but that we can understand as part of a more universal and primal conversation.


Guillaume Seff was born in France and currently spends his time between Montreal, Canada and Toulouse, France. His work hangs in public collections in both France and Canada, and has been exhibited throughout Europe including in Paris, Brussels, and London, as well as in Montreal.