Juan Kelly: Perceptions from Light and Structures

10 - 26 May 2019

In this exhibition Kelly brings forward the entirety of the figurative elements and spatial structures in his paintings to create images with multiple perceptual points of view; where all the components play a fundamental role in the overall composition. The paintings feature familiar subjects from the artist’s visual vernacular, notably horses, cows, and lions. But beyond the usual romantic depictions in art in which animals are represented as pets or as exotic beasts, Kelly uses animals as allegorical proxies for human affairs. They also function as purely compositional elements selected for their shape, mass, line, color, etc. to express feelings that speak nonverbally to the viewer’s emotions. The overall construction creates a structural choreography that borrows shapes from the neighboring objects in the painting to produce secondary and tertiary abstracted structures, executed with simplicity and a touch of musicality.


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