Guillaume Seff: Reflections of the Untold

6 - 22 September 2019

Nüart Gallery presents, Reflections of the Untold, a solo exhibition of new mixed-media paintings by Guillaume Seff. The exhibition will run September 6th through September 22nd, with an opening reception on Friday, September 6th, from 5:00 - 7:00 pm. Please join us for hors d'oeuvres and live music.


Guillaume Seff is a French artist known for expressive abstract paintings with lush surfaces and passages of detailed markings that create the feeling of words or thoughts. Seff’s paintings are rhythmic and viscerally poetic. In their exploration of vivid emotional landscapes, the paintings communicate what language cannot.


The exhibition, "Reflections of the Untold," functions as a catalog of emotional observations; some of the paintings read like diagrams or equations, others like microscopic glimpses into vignettes of the psyche. The surfaces of the work range from a smooth matte, to the wispy relief of fabric fixed to the canvases, and some a thick silken encaustic. The layered surfaces have obfuscated markmaking like indelible concepts from the past, while blocks of color cluster like gathering moods, and flocks of perseverating hashmarks, letters, and symbols move through the paintings like something in-between rain and ideas. 


Guillaume Seff was born in France and currently spends his time between Montreal, Canada and Toulouse, France. His work hangs in public collections in both France and Canada, and has been exhibited throughout Europe including in Paris, Brussels, and London, as well as in Santa Fe and Montreal.