"My paintings are constructed through a weaving of allusions, references and citations from the figurative tradition."  — Alberto Gálvez



Alberto Gálvez is a contemporary Spanish painter whose inspiration is derived from identifiable archetypal imagery found in classic history painting.  Gálvez is a leader among his generation of artists in Europe who have returned to the figurative tradition, where a precise delineation of figures and objects project onto the canvas with a complex narration and allegorical overtones.  The artist’s ability to displace familiar objects and reinvent them within an innovative and contemporized context compels the viewer to perceive a new reality.

Born in Orihuela in 1963, Alberto Gálvez is a tenured Professor of Painting at the prestigious School of Fine Arts of Valencia, Spain.  His paintings can be found in numerous international private and corporate collections.  Gálvez has participated in over 67 solo and group exhibitions across Europe including an invitation to participate in The Madonna in Contemporary Art, a tribute for the 25th anniversary of Pope John Paul II's pontificate, held at the Pantheon in Rome and the European Parliament in Brussels.