Erin Cone + Rose Masterpol

28 August - 13 September 2020

Nüart Gallery presents, an exhibition of new paintings by Erin Cone and Rose Masterpol. The exhibition will run August 28th through September 13th, 2020.


Erin Cone's portraits are commanding, enigmatic mirrors of the human condition.  A fusion of traditional portraiture and magical realism, Cone's paintings evoke the perspective and emotional complexity of the sitter's interior world.  Detached, yet imbued with raw emotion, Cone places her subject in abstract settings devoid of reference to the material world.  Cone's bold, minimal compositions encapsulate potent moments and solidify them in an infinite manner. 


American born artist Rose Masterpol has worked for decades as a contemporary abstract painter. Her work is distinctive and ever-evolving because of her vast array of interests - her poetry, music, graphic design, sculpture, and landscape photography. They all feed her creativity. Masterpol’s work is the language of non-objective, organic and pure painting. Rose attended Syracuse University and then left for Los Angeles before finishing there. She went on to CalArts and graduated there with a BFA. Her work consists of abstract shapes, lines, instinct, and intuition made from either acrylic or oil on large canvases. She is larger than life as are her works. Often poetic with unrivaled breadth and depth, always strong and boldly colored—the work is uncanny and balanced. Her technical approach changes to the mood and flow of the next thing that emerges on a new canvas at any given time. Her abstractions stream from De Stijl to Fauvism to expressionism to the pure abstract realm. Masterpol’s inspiration since a child has been from the New York school of painters, Pollock, de Kooning, Kline and Motherwell, to name a few.


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