Erin Cone + Anne Kaferle: Between the Physical + the Conceptual

30 July - 15 August 2021

This exhibition will feature Anne Kaferle’s paintings, which present a sophisticated view of the traditional landscape and Erin Cone’s compelling abstract figurative portraits of women, depicting universal human emotions concentrated and revealed through gesture and pose.  Anne Kaferle’s landscape paintings verge on abstraction, while bringing the viewer into the physical, natural world through the artist’s lens. Water moves through the work, dark layers mimic a passing storm and lush swaths of color read as the sky, cliffs and the natural landscapes that surround us. Shadows move through the paintings, as well as rich passages of velvety color.

“It’s easy to feel like the landscape has a sense of permanence and stability, but in reality it is constantly changing, eroding and morphing,” says Kaferle. “We’re looking at a snapshot of a very long process. I tend to focus on the broader feelings of this changing landscape and avoid detailed rendering of what I see.”

Erin Cone continues with her unconventional approach to figurative realism through her compelling abstract figurative portraits. “Much like a dancer on an empty stage, I remove the context to heighten expressive power, presenting the human form in a framework of abstract design,” says Cone. Cone’s work is an ongoing exploration of that which is universal in the human condition: ubiquitous emotion distilled into post and gesture, omitting reference to specific narrative. Cone continues to use powerful visual impact to portray what humans feel naturally in the physical body. She merges the conceptual ― the ways in which humans are interconnected to one another, to humanity, to nature and to ourselves ―  with the physical portrayal of human form.