Abstractions Group Exhibition 2019: Shar Coulson, Cecil Touchon, Joseph Ostraff, Claire B Cotts, Rose Masterpol, & Anne Kaferle

8 - 24 November 2019

Nüart Gallery is pleased to present, “Abstractions 2019" a group exhibition of new work by six contemporary artists working in abstraction. The exhibition will run November 8th through November 24th 2019, with an opening reception on Friday, November 8th from 5:00 - 7:00 pm, preceded by an artist talk at 4pm.


Nüart presents six painters of unique vision: Claire B Cotts, Cecil Touchon, Shar Coulson, Joseph Ostraff, Rose Masterpol, & Anne Kaferle. Each abstracts the world with singular perception and insight-- whether working with text, landscape, shapes, the natural world, or the inner world. 


Cecil Touchon uses trompe l'oeil techniques to paint satisfying arrangements of nearly-recognizable, reassembled fonts that appear to be elegant large-scale typographical collage abstractions.  


Claire B Cotts organic paintings are filled with blobs and bundles, dashes and drips, spikes and smears, and seem as if they could be a peek into a microscope, a telescope, or a close inspection of the natural world somewhere in-between. 


Joseph Ostraff’s patterned and textural oil paintings remix shapes and motifs both familiar and obscure. Working in muted palettes and rich surfaces, Ostraff builds compositions, layer by layer, into uncommon and complex paintings. 


Rose Masterpol’s forms are almost slinky in their compositional movement across the canvas. Her polished shapes and carefully constructed palette are both contemporary and also reminiscent of the design of the mid 20th century.


Anne Kaferle’s landscapes nose right up to realism, and then dissolve into lush swathes and washes of color, the more highly rendered elements nestled amidst beautifully loose and muted colorfields. 

Shar Coulson’s paintings seem to be populated by animals, plants, waves, stones, cliffs, and branches, while also seeming to be purely abstract compositions with adventurous and sophisticated color palettes.