Nüart 20th Anniversary Show

24 December 2021 - 9 January 2022

Nüart Gallery 20th Anniversary Show




(SANTA FE, NM)  Nüart Gallery is pleased to celebrate its 20th year of offering fine art with a special group exhibition of 36 established and internationally known contemporary artists. The exhibition will run December 24  through January 9, 2022


Artists represented by Nüart Gallery include: Michael Bergt, Richard Berman, Braldt Bralds, Matthias Brandes, Vincenzo Calli, William T. Carson, Erin Cone, Clarie B. Cotts, Shar Coulson, Alan Feltus, Rafa Fenandez, Alberto Galvez, Amy Hill, Shinji Himeno, Anne Kaferle, Beverly Kedzior, Juan Kelly, Charles Ladson, Hyunmee Lee, Jorge Leyna, Emilio Lobato, Rose Masterpol,  Diana Moore, Joseph Ostraff, Santiago Perez, Daniel Phil, Randall Reid, Willy Bo Richardson, Guillaume Seff, Peter Stephens, John Tarahteff, Sunny Taylor, Kevin Tolman, Cecil Touchon, James Tyler and Judy Woods. 


From its location at the heart of the arts district at 670 Canyon Road,Nüart Gallery has mounted more than XXX solo and group exhibitions during the last 20 years.

For inquiries, please email fineart@nuartgallery.com or call 505.988.3888.