"As life reflects us back to ourselves as a means to discovery, I hope that my work mirrors the sprit of the viewer at the same time that it addresses my own philosophical concerns. " — Randall Reid



Known for his potent re-mixing and re-contextualizing of found and historic materials, Randall Reid engineers salvaged steel and wood into sensuous formal color compositions. Reid’s steel-framed objet trouvé are reclaimed from other eras and through the artist’s care and craftsmanship are granted the gravity and dignity of artifacts. Highly charged, tactile windows into the recent industrial past, some of Reid’s materials date back to the 1800s, some to the 1970s, and every era in-between. All have a palpable sense of history. There is a balance and harmony to Reid’s work that make the compositions at once contemporary and timeless– formal yet in possession of an effortless-seeming organic unity.

Reid was born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1956. He has participated in over 300 exhibitions and  is represented in numerous private and public collections including: The American Embassy, Kuwait, The Arkansas Art Center, The Austin Museum of Art, The Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts, The Masur Museum and The Muscarelle Museum of Fine Arts (College of William and Mary). He currently resides in San Marcos, Texas where he has been a Professor of Art and Design at Texas State University San Marcos for over three decades.