"I have been fortunate to have a career that feeds my life-long passion—to be a painter. As I age painting has become more meditative for me. In my still life work I attempt to witness and portray the quiet, hidden elegance found in ordinary objects. With my landscapes I wander in and listen for directions, where to look, where to turn." - Braldt Bralds


Braldt Bralds is Dutch-born contemporary artist who is also internationally recognized for his award-winning illustration career. Since the 90s, Bralds has shifted his career from illustration to fine art. This work is found in private and public collections, including the Rockefeller Foundation’s permanent collection.


Primarily self-taught, Bralds masterfully creates art that is “of this world, but not in this world.” His unique talent in paintings has ranged from realistic to humorous portrayals of animals to contemplative and detailed still lifes. His illustration work has appeared in such notable publications as Time, Newsweek, Omni, TV Guide, Rolling Stone, Der Spiegel, and National Geographic, among many others. He has illustrated book covers for such publishers as Alfred A. Knopf and Simon & Schuster. He has lectured and held workshops in cities all over the world, including Brussels, Tokyo and Seoul. Among his awards are three gold medals, three silver medals, and the Hamilton King Award from the Society of Illustrators. He has taught at New York’s School of Visual Arts and was an independent student counselor for their Masters Program. In March of 2021, Braldt received the crowning achievement for his former career, when he was inducted into the venerable Society of Illustrator’s Hall of Fame.