" My paintings are developed with formal structure in mind and an emphasis on material and process. Much of the imagery is gleaned from animated film and medical textbooks. So, as a critic once wrote, it is not an accident that some of my paintings resemble vivid, spongy and psychedelic landscapes that a space-age cartoon family might zoom through; or that others suggest Wassily Kandinsky meeting the Lava Lamp. The finished paintings stress color, texture and space through the use of traditional and non-traditional tools and printing techniques that include stencils, brushes, rollers, scrapers, masking and resist products. "

- Beverly Kedzior



Beverly Kedzior is known for her organic shapes and richly layered abstractions. As a child she was enamored of animated movies and cartoons. She had books from those movies and traced and drew the images found in them continuously.


In art school, variations of the organic forms she had been obsessed with as a child consistently appeared in her work.  When she discovered a genetic disorder deep in her family history, she searched for answers in medical and DNA books.  She found a correlation between the illustrations there and the bulbous images she was already using.  Mining ideas from animated film, cartoons and medical textbooks, Kedzior creates pop paintings that merge these seemingly disparate elements. 


Kedzior lives and works in Chicago.  She has degrees from Barat College and the Art Institute of Chicago.  Her work has been exhibited throughout the US and is featured in private, corporate and museum collections across the nation